Workshop Book

Place and date: Belgrade, Geca Kon bookstore, May 18, 2013. Children from ORA - collective center for refugees and internally displaced families in Smederevo region- arrived in Belgrade and met with ZDS team. Introductory part consisted of general instruction regarding the whole event, were given to the children in Studentski park, where they got specially designed notebooks, with guidelines [...]

Moving Library

The next steps related to the workshop Book The main intent is to integrate culture and education, school and cultural institutions. culture is seen as an open field for development and growth. A special workshop has been constructed, the aim of the workshop is to answer the following question How to make books available to others – children, peers, youth … That resulted in [...]

Dance Day Celebration

The participants were children’s group of ballet dancers involved in Programmes of Children’s Cultural Center and a group of 30 children/youth involved in Zdravo da ste Cultural Programmes for refugee children and youth. Public performance LIVELY DANCE is common creation of children, youth and adults that has been artistically completed and developed by coreo-director Ms.Vera Obradovic. [...]

Willow Day

The programme of Willow Day has been performed in the spirit of this Christian Holyday dedicated to children’s joy and growth. It brought together 113 participants – children, youth and adults. In the group of 113 participants the majority group was children’s group. 90 refugee and IDchildren settled at collective centers and private accommodation, Roma children from HC “Rom” and local children took active part in activities. [...]
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