Willow Day

Willow Day 2007
Ethnographic Museum Belgrade
31. March 2007.

Sounds of Joy

The programme of Willow Day has been performed in the spirit of this Christian Holyday dedicated to children’s joy and growth. It brought together 113 participants – children, youth and adults.
In the group of 113 participants the majority group was children’s group.
90 refugee and IDchildren settled at collective centers and private accommodation, Roma children from HC “Rom” and local children took active part in activities.
This year the celebration of Willow Day got a new quality thanks to unique bells created by Svetlana Spasojevic, applied artist from Zemun. Ms. Svetlana gave bells as a special gift to children.

Marc Schneider, freelance artist made photos.

The Programme activities in Ethnographic Museum are supported by PTT Serbia.