Training Programme | Models

Training is realised by several sequences. Group is open and it is possible to include new participants during the implementation. Standard training model is 1.5 working day long.

Module One

• Introducing basic ides of the Programme
• Introduction in workshop activities
• Performing workshop activities for children/youth
• Evaluation of the common experience and making future plans
• Hand out the Manuel
• Certificates

Module Two (Usually held two months after the first module)

• Joint evaluation of the ongoing process
• Common transition into activity
(One afternoon)

Ongoing related process (if possible)

Including the children within activities in local community, based on HN approach, or other cultural/social/educational organisations (it doesn’t require additional funding).

Module Three (Two months after training)

• Evaluation based on teachers’ experience
• Learning new workshops (practical activity)
• Common building new activities
(One and the half day)


Hi Neighbour has developed evaluating strategy within the Programme. Evaluation is seen as the part of the Programme, that is, as well as the whole Programme, in the constant process and ongoing transforming. Development of the evaluation strategy is social context dependent, and has not one fixed model given in advance.

Each Programme application is much more than replication, it is new common creation. All participants, through building relations, are building human social environment. Social relations are the source of the humane social environment, even when finical resources are really low. Treasure is in relationship among people.

Co-ordinator of Alternative Education Team
Vesna Ognjenovic, MA, developmental psychologist

Contact persons
Bojana Skorc, PhD, psychologist
Jelena Tvorek, teacher