Weekend encounter in Belgrade

Greetings from Belgrade to children in Ochi Japan

  • Date and place : August 16th – 18th 2013.
  • Belgrade * Metropolitan Area
  • Youth hostel , Knez Mihailova street, ZOO, Tashmajdan park
  • Participants: 50 children from collective centers for refugee and displaced families – ORA Radinac, Kovachichevo, Kaludjerica and group of local children
  • 10 adults and youths together in Zdravo da ste extended team
  • ACC representatives

August, 17th Saturday

Visit to the ZOO

In the morning all children gathered in front of the hostel, and each child picked a card out of a basket. The cards were prepaired in advance , on each card was writtten a name of one of four animals, completed by interesting and unique content. After division in four groups the participants in four small groups moved to the ZOO.

Belgrade ZOO

Visit to the Zoo was finalized by performances in small groups in front of “Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić”, famous gallery of fine arts.

Writing letters to children in Ochi

In the evening children and adults joined together in the workshop aimed at writing letters to children in Ochi.

Oochi Junior High School (hereinafter refer to as school), located western part of Japan, Misato Town, Oochi District, Shimane Prefecture. School has 60 of students from 1st grade to 3rd grade. All of students are living in Misato town, population is 5,070, a very small,very rural and depopulated area. It takes very long time if someone wants to go to big town such as Tokyo or Osaka, it takes almost half a day. Misato town, it surrounded by the CHUGOKU mountain chains. There’s a big river (GOUNOKAWA River). People can enjoy canoe or kayak in the river. Water is very clear and it’s very good for fishing. And there’re 4 spas in this town. You can enjoy sports and spa in this town if you have opportunity to come.

Final workshops and performances in Tašmajdan park

18.8.2013. Sunday

On the last day of the program, once again all participants gathered in front of the hostel, and in small groups walked to Tašmajdan park, where the final workshops and performances took place.

Workshops and performaces

In the first part, the groups were formed and each group proposed a name, the list of names was – letter, Belgrade, tramway, zoo, and greetings. Groups had some time to prepair and think about a best way to present to the others what they found most interesting in the prevous day.

In the second part, each group got a piece of nylon (nylon they had worked on the previous night) and a palet of different colors. Their task was to express their emotions and impressions using different colors.

Some children used colors to draw on their own faces, some created masks of animals, birds. Some children created joint painting of animlas,nature etc. Even some of the passers joined in with their children.

The final scene reflected strong emotional investment of all participants, and creative diversity of coulors, shapes, figures…

After returning to the hostel, the preparations for departure started. Even though they would have liked to stay longer, the weekend program was finished, and we said goodbye until next encounter.

Weekend programme has been created and performed by
Zdravo da ste/Hi Neigbour Serbia

thanks to the support of
NGO ACC Tokyo and JICA Tokyo