International Cooperation Program

Education within the International Cooperation Program

Creativity and Development

On Friday, March 29th, 2013, at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, a unique education was held for a group of young Japanese students who are studying in Switzerland. In fact, their teacher, Mr. Hiroshi Kawabata visited Serbia somewhat earlier and since he was genuinely interested in Serbia and the state of the country, he wanted to bring his students to Belgrade.

In cooperation with the Organization for International Cooperation, headquartered in Tokyo (JICA) and the Regional Office for the Balkans (JICA Balkan Office), students of KLAS (Kumon Leisin Academy of Switzerland) visited Belgrade and attended a one-day, educational program Creativity & Development which was prepared and executed by the members of the expert team Zdravo da ste (ZDS).

Within the education program, young Japanese students were given the opportunity to learn about the program and work methods of ZDS in a direct and active way that relies on a participatory model which motto is:

It does not matter where one is from
What matters is that they are always

The final part of the educational program was the performance which was evaluated by the members of ZDS team as creative and divergent. Since the young Japanese students were introduced for the first time with the organization of this type as well as with the psychosocial workshops, this event was a unique experience for them.

On Sunday, March 31st, along with the expanded ZDS team, they visited a collective center ORA Radinac (Smederevo ) in which, after the NATO bombing in 1999, families displaced from Kosovo and Metohija were relocated. Meeting with children in refugee camp ORA Radinac was a special kind of continuation of the education program.

A large number of children participated in the workshop/performance and one afternoon went by in each other’s company and live interaction with children. An important part of the event was an exhibition of the medallions which were designed by children with the team and with the participation of the artists in the creative workshop with clay. Medallions, chosen by the guests, will arrive in Switzerland as a special gift to each participant.