Training Programme | General Approach

Framework is based on the same postulates as all HN Programmes; modifications in performing are based on the differences in social context (teachers, special education teachers, psychologists, pedagogues).

Main Postulates

Basic Approach: Developmental
(Alternative based on original ideas of Lev Vygotsky)

Culture and development are related
Culture in the broadest sense
Personal development in the broadest sense

Human development is a lifelong process; it lasts from the birth until the death of a person.
General framework for the group activities is process oriented, not outcome oriented.
Workshops are the project, not the obligation. The changes within the life context are respected within the Projects and therefore they could not be fully defined in advance.

The Programme respects differences in the broadest sense and it is not focused on the uniqueness, but on mutual interactive benefits of human exchange.

Within the pattern of interacting, differences are treated as natural social treasure and source of new ideas for new activities.

The workshops are created within common activities and relations between children and adults.

Duration of the training is flexible: one sequence is minimum, and three sequences are optimum (each sequence lasts two days).

Evaluation strategy has been developed and it as inseparable part of the HN Programmes:

1. Programme for Protecting and Promoting Development of Children in Preschool Institutions
2. Programme for Building Prerequisites for Acquisition of Literacy
3. Programme of Psychosocial Support of Development for School Children and Youth
4. Child and Culture
5. Ethno Programme
6. Programme for Youth
7. The Hi Neighbour Programme for Intercultural Co-operation and Exchange.