Ethno Programme

The Hi Neighbour Ethno Programme is designed to preserve, apply and integrate traditional skills, handcrafts, knowledge, rituals, songs, lyrics, and stories, within everyday life and experience. The essence of the programme is the idea that traditional heritage can be actively integrated within modern life through products, workshops, joint meetings and exhibitions. It is not enough for traditional and folk production and heritage to be written down and put into museums as closed, frozen forms, where the vitality of tradition will be lost, as well as its communication with real people. Initiating a permanent and vital dialogue between modern people and folk tradition actively promotes the inclusion of the tradition within modern lives. The tradition thus becomes a part of modern life and experience.

This workshop is very large, including refugees and internally displaced people from collective centers and private accommodation. The possibilities for creativity in these specific life conditions are high valuable. Every item made in this large workshop has material value, but more importantly, each item has social, psychological and cultural significance.

Activities include:

  • Developing cooperation with a network of cultural or other institutions
  • Large intergenerational gatherings/exhibitions in Ethnographical Museum
  • Open and inclusive cycles of workshops regarding cultural heritage, reviving collective and family rituals, songs, games and handcrafts as an integral part
  • Open and inclusive cycles of workshops supporting folk creative production – folk and modern poetry
  • Using traditional techniques to create new, original handicrafts, with active participation of children (aromatic herbs pillows, cookbooks, embroidered cards, handicrafts based on children’s drawings)