Annual Meeting 2013

Date: First weekend in December
Place: Vrnjačka Banja
Space: Hotel Breza, Community Center Zdravo da ste, Primary school Popinski borci
Space + Playgrounds, outdoors, brooks, springs…

Aims, intents and goals

Through common activities of children / youth and adults in workshops mutual research and discovering possibilities of re-constructing play and alternatives in building relations with social educational and cultural community is happening

The play is source of development
Adult is an initiator of child’s changes. Child is an initiator of adult’s changes.

Child and adult in common activity of mutual change

The name of the Encounter
Conversation with childhood

Adults, Youth and Children together in joint activity aimed at building / creating / re-constructing

Response to the question

Participants in the focus

Group of local school children together with children from Smederevo settled in social housing and collective centers for families from Kosovo and Former Yugoslavia

Supported by

Internal, local, regional resources and friends from Germany and Denmark

Guided by international and local experts and artists


Lois Holzman, East Side Institute, New York, USA
Tim Prentki, Winchester University UK
Paul Murray, Winchester University UK and Children’s Cultural center, Belgrade, Serbia
Dušan Janković, freelance artist, Belgrade, Serbia

The workshops / performances

The participants divided by chance in four small groups created / constructed / re-constructed responses to the question

The workshops in four small groups

Participants created together the responses using all modes of expression, rhythm, sounds, voices, words, movements, gestures, writing, painting and drawing.

All participants on stage

All groups get the same instruction to create performance on the spot in order to share their experience with others. Each group had four minutes.


Watch at the pictures

Yes and

On each end there are many new beginnings!