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Zdravo Da Ste / Hi Neighbour is local, non-governmental, non-profit organization officially registered in 1994. The Programme was initiated by a group of volunteer developmental psychologists from Belgrade in 1992, and during the following years expanded to a network of psychologists, educators, social workers and others covering 24 municipalities in Serbia.

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The Hi Neighbour Global Approach is an alternative based on original ideas of Lev Vigotsky:

  • Human development is an endless process
  • HN Programme is process oriented, not outcome oriented
  • HN Programme is strongly connected with actual life
  • Workshops are an interactive source for development

Human development is an endless process

Development is not specifically related to the childhood period. The human being is in a lifelong process of development. Development lasts from the birth until the death of a person. Moreover, development existed before and will last beyond these points through group activities.

Human development is process oriented, not outcome oriented

Today in use, most workshops are structured according to goals given in advance and are oriented toward expected outcomes. In Hi Neighbour any group interactive process is considered potentially developmental and the workshop provides a framework for group activities which could, but sometimes do not, occur within the framework. The openness for unpredicted and unexpected events is built into this framework. In short, the workshop is an open, divergent activity in which the facilitator is not a leader.

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HN Programme is strongly connected with actual life

Life space is seen as a common space and the basic source of further development is seen through building relations – between people through words, between people through expressions, and new games/plays, between people through activities, between people through culture. In these ways, in common creation, we were all using what we have, and also what hasn’t been seen before, as a possible source of human development.

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Workshops as an interactive source of development

From the HN methodological point of view, the workshop is a form of activity in which every participant is inseparable from the group activities and is actively working and learning through that experience. The main activity is exchange within a circle – every participant is contributing to the group process. This gives an opportunity to each participant to create a social event using various expressive modalities. It also prevents the situation of focused dyadic interaction in which some members are favored while others are passive. It prevents making small and favored circles within the existing circle. Exchange in a circle emphasizes the equality of all participants.

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